The Coached Life

The Coached Life
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Tracey M Campion


How Is Your Work Life?
I love to coach work issues. Whether we’re reinventing our work selves or reorganizing our work lives or struggling under a difficult workplace situation, these are central to how our daily lives are and how we feel about ourselves.

For many people, life is a balancing act of navigating life and work issues. Having a life coach is like having your own personal advocate and ally for problem-solving and creating pathways to your desired goals and aspirations. I have been both employee and employer, student and teacher, follower and leader. Because of my life experience and my respect for the coaching role I may be in the perfect position to be your ally and advocate for your goals and aspirations! I welcome you!

“Tracey is an amazing coach… She helped me identify my specific goals and put them into practice. I highly recommend her as a life coach for achieving effective, meaningful goal setting and implementation.” – Amy, Psychologist

“Living today seems more complicated than it should be. Finding and working with Tracey helped me to restore my peace of mind, sharpen my vision,  and renew my motivation.” – Phil, Construction Sales

“I felt like I should be happy in my work but wasn’t.  It was great to have a coach to hear me and help me figure out my work situation.  I’m happier at work than I’ve ever been and I didn’t even need to change jobs!” Lizzy, RN

“I had my own restaurant for two years.  After I lost it I felt like a failure.  I didn’t want to work for anyone else but had to get a job.  Talking to Tracey helped me to see myself as an entrepreneur.  I’m working on my next self-employment.”  Dez, Work Life In Progress

“Tracey is an excellent coach if you have any work issues.  She’s very inspiring and caring and has a lot of her own work-life experience to draw from.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how she helped me.  I highly recommend her as a work life coach.” John, Found Object Artist